Monday, June 20, 2011

If anyone still reads this...

I guess I just wanted to post on here about some news that really isn't news to us anymore!!! For those of you that don't know Landon and I are going to be expecting baby number 2 mid September. So that means I actually only have about 12 weeks left, this pregnancy is just flying by and I can't believe that we are going to have a new little one so soon!! We found out that we are going to have another boy, so Hunter will have a friend, and we are so excited!! The will almost be 2 years apart to the day, so that will also be a fun adventure all in it self!
In other things that are going on Landon is almost done with school, only one semester left, I could not be more excited or proud of him! He has worked so hard working full time and taking usually about 16 credits and still making time for me and Hunter! He is really the greatest! We are so lucky to have him!! Then come January we don't really know what are plans are, we have a couple of options so we will keep you posted!!
Hunter is getting so so big! He will be 2 years old in about 3 months, and I can't believe how fast time has gone by! He is so funny and loves to be the center of attention trying to make anyone he can laugh! I really don't think that he has a shy bone in his body but then I guess you can look at his parents and not be surprised by that! He is talking up a storm and he is more and more fun everyday!
As for me I am just waiting for the baby to come and being a mommy! We also are getting ready to put our duplex in Pocatello on the market so we have been painting, putting new floors and carpet in and cleaning, and that is keeping me really busy! (its so much work!!)
We can't wait to see what this summer is going to bring and we are so excited to meet out new little guy!! I will try to keep anyone that reads this posted ( that is if anyone even reads it!!).