Monday, September 22, 2008

Good things coming our way???

So Landon and I are home from Philly, and we are loving it! Its so nice to be back in our own house, and being able to get back into the grove of things! So Landon and I are both in school so that is taking up a lot of out time. And we are also both working, I got an amazing job at The Buckle, I am an assistant Manager, I get a great discount and a couple of other perks so its really really great I LOVE IT! And Landon is back working at Sports Authority, he has been a lead since we have been back, but last Wednesday he interviewed for a management position, and he got it! It is really such a blessing that we both have great jobs and and are going to be able to save some money! We are also thinking about doing some things to the house, i just painted my cabinets and they look friend from high school had done the same thing to hers and put the pictures on her blog and i loved them so i had to copy her! Thanks Darci! And way we are thinking about new carpet, new tile, new doors, painting, new moulding...and I am really excited about it all! So everything is going really great right now, I guess I am just a pessimist because i keep wondering with all this stuff going to great, what really bad thing is going to happen to us and when...but i really should just enjoy having stuff work out, but really isn't that the way stuff always goes?!?!? Anyway its Landon's Birthday this week and I have NO clue what to get him we are going to Utah though because its his cousin's wedding the day of Landon's birthday, so hopefully I can cook something up by then!