Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Many Posts Long Over Due!!!

Well it has been forever since I have updated this thing! I can't even get a moment to see my husband let alone blog! So I thought that I would post some pictures and let everyone know that we are still alive and update about what has been going on since the holidays with Landon and I. Well to start off Christmas was a very fun, but way to short! Landon and I both had to work Christmas Eve and then be back to work the morning on the day after Christmas, oh the joys of working retail! We got to go to my parents this year and spend some time with them so that was really nice. We also were able to talk to my brother Preston who is serving a mission for our church in Arizona, that was so awesome to talk to him! He has only been out for about six months and it already feels like a life time!

Ok so i can't get any of my pictures from Christmas to post so I guess it wasn't meant to be!

So for new years this year Landon and I got to go up to Bear Lake with his family. It was so good to see everyone and just hang out for a few days! We got to go play out in the snow, so this meant that I had to go purchase all new stuff since I haven't owned a pair of snow pants or snow boots since i was like 10 years old! I really don't like the cold or winter that much so my logic is why go outside and hang out in it! But it ended up being so much fun, we got to go sledding, and played on the ice!

Getting ready to go sledding

Down at the beach

My new chic winter duds

Now that the holidays are all over Landon and I are back in school and working our bums off. Landon and I both have sixteen credits this semester and are working 40 hours a week, sometimes I really don't know how we do it and still stay sane, and in love since we never see each other! Landon is really such an amazing husband though, I know that people do special posts about their husbands all the time but I did just want to say how lucky I am to have married such a great guy that is so hard working, and never complains. A couple weeks ago I was at work and Landon and I had not seen each other for a few days (except for when our day was over and we were sleeping). So any way I was at work and all the sudden I look up and there is a lady with a big bouquet of flowers saying my name! He was such a sweetheart and had gotten me flowers, just to let me know that he still thought I was a hottie!! hahah! He really is the best, and if it were not for him and his great personality I don't think I could get through my weeks!

My pretty flowers

Landon and I when we were first dating

Well I hope that we will have some fun posts to come, Landon and I have been thinking about going on a little get away before life gets much more crazy. And hopefully I will be able to get together with my two best friends Whitney and Katelyn for a long over due girls weekend. Also I think that my sister in laws and I are going to be planning a weekend get away as well, Landon's sister Sheena and his brothers wife Amber are expecting babies this year so we better go while we can, P.S. I am so excited for them!