Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Month

Well today Hunter is one month old! It has been such a fast month, and so fun! I really love being a mom! Hunter is so cute and everyday he looks older to me! He has really been a good baby, he only wakes up in the night when he needs to be fed, other than that he sleeps through the night. I really like our time in the morning when he wakes up, and is awake for a few hours and I can play with him and see his blue eyes! We really haven't been to many places with him, with all the sickness going around I really don't want a sick baby, but we did get to go to Logan last Sunday and show Hunter off to Landon's grandma and grandpa. I wish we could go down there more often to see Landon's parents, I really love Logan, but I am excited because we will be blessing Hunter down there so more family can come and also spending Christmas down there.

But really the month has flown by I can't believe how fast the holidays are coming...time really does fly when you get older, I remember when I was little and a half hour seemed like a whole week now a week seems like a day! We are really getting excited for the holidays around here (ok mostly me!) I just love decorating my house and baking, and my really good friend Kate is getting married at the end of November, so that will be a great day as well! So many fun things in the upcoming months, and I just can't wait!

Oh and as a side note, does anyone have any cute blessing outfit ideas for a little boy, all the ones I have found I hate they look like little doll costumes! So if any of you have any ideas or tips that would be so helpful.

Tiger Halloween costume from Grandma Burt

Bath time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hunter's Newborn Pictures!!

I am so excited for the newborn pictures we got taken of Hunter, they turned out so cute and they are exactly what I was wanting! Here are a few of my favs!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hunter Landon Taylor

Well I thought that I would hurry and share the story of how our little boy got here! Landon and I went into the doctor on the 23rd of September and my doctor gave me the go ahead to be induced on the 27th which actually is Landon's birthday! We were so excited! He told us to come into the hospital at 5:30 that night. So on Sunday Landon and I went to church and then came home and made last minute preparations. We cleaned the house and got packed to go to the hospital, I thought that the day would drag on forever but it actually went pretty fast! So around 5:30 we headed to the hospital, the night was pretty uneventful, they were just trying to get me to start labor slow so they gave me some pills, I had some small contractions but nothing to major. That next morning, they were making me change position a lot while I was laying down because they didn't like what Hunter's heart beat was doing. My doctor finally came in and broke my water to see if we could get his heart rate a little more normal, when he did this my contractions completely stopped and Hunter's heart rate got more irregular. I wasn't that worried until my doctor looked at me and said we have to have an emergency C-section and I think that we need to hurry so we have to but you under GA and Landon can't come in. I was so sad when I heard this. So the next thing that I knew there we like 10 people in my room asking me questions and getting me ready to go into surgery. Everything was happening so fast that I didn't even have time to be scared or nervous. Luckily right before they took me in Hunter's heart rate perked right up and Landon was able to suit up and come in to see the birth. I went in they gave me a spinal block, and everything went perfect. Hunter was born at 9:13am on September 28th 2009. My recovery has been going great, I was really tired after everything so every picture of me I look exhausted. But I am so glad that Hunter is here. I am loving being a mom! Speaking on mom's I was so lucky to have my mom stay with us after we got home from the hospital for like 5 days, it was so fun to have her around I didn't want her to go home! But now we are getting into a schedule, Hunter is such a good baby and sleeps most of the time! We got his newborn pictures done yesterday (I will post those when I get them back!) and he was such a good boy, even though he peed twice! (Once all over Landon!) But Landon and I are loving being parents we can't get enough of our little guy!

Back to Blogging

So I know that I haven't blogged in forever, but now that I am not working and am now a stay at home mom I thought that I would get back to it so everyone could know how our little family is doing! A lot had happened since April, we re did some things in our house...this endeavour took the whole summer! We painted, re did the bathroom, put in new baseboards and doors, and also put in new tile and carpet. This was all in preparation for our new addition to our family. Everything turned out so nice, I wish that I could put before and after pictures on here but we had no camera for the whole summer. We also did some really cute things in our 2ND bedroom and now have a really fun nursery. Its not all the way finished, I still am looking for a few things for the shelves, and we just got Hunter's newborn pictures taken, so I am also waiting to get those back so I can hang them up! But other than that I really like the way things turned out. Landon is back in school he is almost done with his physical therapy assistant program and then it is off to PT or PA school for us! We also welcomed our new addition to the family on September 29th, he is sooo cute and we are so lucky to have such a good little boy, he only wakes up in the night when he needs to eat and then right back to sleep he goes! And he hardly ever cries, unless he needs something! I am such a lucky mom! So wish me luck in this blogging venture, it is really one of my goals to be committed to being a semi regular blogger!