Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

So I thought that it might be fun to post some pictures of our house now that it is decorated for Christmas! I think that our little house looks pretty festive if I do say so myself!

Landon and I also got our Christmas present for this year. We got a 42 inch plasma for a really good deal that we could not resist! When we bought it Landon and I looked at each other and said MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! But it is really nice to have a tv again to watch movies on and stuff cause we left our other one in Philly becuase Landon did not want to take it home!

I also thought that it would be fun to post this picture of our dog Summit, he is in dear need of a hair cut but i thought he looked cute with his beard with snow all in it! I was so excited becuase today it snowed for the first time this winter, I only hope it keeps coming! I ususally dont like the snow but I do LOVE it durring the Christmas season! I just dosent feel like Christmas without it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

SO really I suck at blogging....but at least I am making some kind of effort! Well Landon and I have been so busy we barley get to see eachother, I guess both of us working full time jobs and going to school full time doesnt leave much extra time! School is going great for both of us...I am almost done, only one semester left---YAHOOO!! And Landon is just so excited for Christmas Break. So last week was my 21st birthday and can I just say that I have the best husband EVER, he made my birthday so special.....he is the best guy! So on Thanksgiving we go to go to Logan, Utah and spending the day with Landon's family. We had a great time and got to see some people that we had not seen since we had been home from Philly! I really love spending time with Landon's brothers and sister and their spouses, and his parents, we really just have a great time---I wish we could see eachother more! Any way we are really getting excited for Christmas, I love christmas time--just like everyone else! One of the biggest reasons that I love Christmas time is it reminds me of when Landon and I started dating, I really cant believe that was 2 years ago..time really does fly! One thing about this Christmas season that will be really different is that my whole family wont be there, Preston is serving a mission in Arizona. I am so so proud of him he has been out almost 4 months and he was just made a senior companion and a district leader. I really miss him so much, his last letter home he sounded like he was getting so home sick, so I really hope that the holidays are going to go well for him, it will be so so fun to talk to him on Christmas Day. It is amazing how much I can already tell that he has grown up, he just sounds so different in his e-mails, I really cant wait for him to get home. Well he have the the Christmas decorations up and are very excited for the holidays! We hope to see lots of family and friends over the break!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good things coming our way???

So Landon and I are home from Philly, and we are loving it! Its so nice to be back in our own house, and being able to get back into the grove of things! So Landon and I are both in school so that is taking up a lot of out time. And we are also both working, I got an amazing job at The Buckle, I am an assistant Manager, I get a great discount and a couple of other perks so its really really great I LOVE IT! And Landon is back working at Sports Authority, he has been a lead since we have been back, but last Wednesday he interviewed for a management position, and he got it! It is really such a blessing that we both have great jobs and and are going to be able to save some money! We are also thinking about doing some things to the house, i just painted my cabinets and they look friend from high school had done the same thing to hers and put the pictures on her blog and i loved them so i had to copy her! Thanks Darci! And way we are thinking about new carpet, new tile, new doors, painting, new moulding...and I am really excited about it all! So everything is going really great right now, I guess I am just a pessimist because i keep wondering with all this stuff going to great, what really bad thing is going to happen to us and when...but i really should just enjoy having stuff work out, but really isn't that the way stuff always goes?!?!? Anyway its Landon's Birthday this week and I have NO clue what to get him we are going to Utah though because its his cousin's wedding the day of Landon's birthday, so hopefully I can cook something up by then!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New York, New York

Going to New York was really new, fun, and exciting! We drove to Newark NJ and then took a train into New York City. When I got out of the train station I was so overwhelmed to say the very least! There are so many people, building, cars, buses, and a lot going on! We decided to take a double decker sightseeing bus, which was really fun. We got to see canal street, which was crazy! We also went to ground zero, it was so weird to see where all of the happened, i could not even believe how big the building must have been and all of the damage that happened. About this time it started raining and didn't really stop for really about the rest of the time we were there. We also rode the ferry and got to see the Statue of Liberty which was so cool. And then we went to Times Square and Broadway. It was so much to take in but so awesome as well! I am so glad that we got to go to New York while we were out here because I have always wanted to, and always wondered if I really would ever get to go.
On the double decker bus
On the ferry to see the statue
Times Square

Pictures of Down town Philly and Valley Forge with my mom

Sorry piece, Down Town Philly


Memorial Arch in Valley Forge

Bell in Washington's Memorial Church

My Mom's Birthday

For my mom's birthday this year she flew out to come stay with Landon and I for about a week! It was so good to see her and so very much fun to have her here! We did a lot of really fun stuff while she was here. We go to go see down town Philly, also we went to the Valley Forge National Park, then we got to go to New York and see all the fun sights. It was an awesome week, it was more like a present for me than her, because i finally had someone to hang out with during the day. Landon works from 11:30 in the morning to 10:00 at night six days a week so I am stuck by myself most of the time, and it was so great to have someone to pal around with. It has been crazy this summer living away from family and missing so much. We are missing Preston's farewell, and missing being there while Lindsay plans her wedding that is coming up in August. I think that both Landon and I are getting ready to be home again,to be with family and friends.

The Atlantic Ocean

Landon and I knew we wanted to go to the ocean while we are here, and a good day of weather came so we could not resist! We went to a little city right on the beach near Atlantic City. We had such a relaxing day and got to eat some really yummy ice cream. And we also realized how awesome Landon's farmers tan has gotten!

Farmers looks like he is wearing a white shirt!

Hershey, PA

I had heard that Hershey, PA smells like chocolate, and for that reason alone Landon and I had to go! It was about a two hour drive from where we live, so i wasn't all that excited (you have to remember that a couple weeks before this Landon and I had traveled 32 hours in a car from Pocatello, Idaho to Valley Forge Pennsylvania). But actually the drive was really nice we saw some Amish county which was so cool. When we got to Hershey we rolled down the windows to smell the chocolaty air, it didn't smell like chocolate when you are far from the factory but the closer you get the more it does really smell like chocolate! Hershey is such a cute little city, really surrounded by nothing but farm land. But they do have a really big theme park, and a place called Chocolate World. Landon and I went to the Chocolate World but the theme park is definitely on our to-do list! Anyway Chocolate World was fun, they have a little ride that explains how chocolate is made, which was way cool!

On the Chocolate World ride

Down Town Philly

Ok, so I have decided that I really stink at this blogging thing I mean seriously Landon and I have been in Philadelphia for a good part of the summer now and I am just blogging the stuff that happened in June. Well i guess in my defence, our camera did break so that did put a small damper on things, but we got a new one so i will let you know what we have been up to.

For all of you that didn't know Landon and I decided to go to Philly for the summer to sell security systems, it has been an adventure and we would be coming back next summer but Landon got in his program at school so he will be doing clinicals next summer!

When Landon and I got here in May you could say it was a bit of a culture shock. The highway system here is wack and everyone drives so so fast, and since Landon and I are accustomed to Idaho highways we were shell shocked! So after a few weeks of living in Valley Forge and getting familiar with the area we decided to venture out to Down town Philly and see some of the sights.

First we went and got Philly Cheese steaks at a local favorite. This was an experience all in itself, you have to order a certain way and if you take to much time you can tell they get really irritated! So we ordered a cheese steak wit whiz, this means a cheese steak with onions and cheese whiz, this is how most people from Philly like theirs so we figured when in Rome! The cheese steaks were way good, and way huge.

Next we ventured to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The Liberty Bell was awesome..and that's all i really have to say about that sight! Then at Independence Hall we were waiting in line to go inside the actual building and next thing I know Landon is telling me that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are standing like 10 feet away from us. At first I didn't believe him, but the more we looked we realized that it really was them. So to make this story a little bit shorter we didn't end up seeing Independence Hall that day, Landon wanted to follow them instead, so that really shows you how patriotic we are...hahah!

After this we walked to LOVE park and down to the Philly Art Museum which is known for the stairs from the Rocky movie, it looked like a short walk...wrong...and I was wearing the worst shoes, but over all it was really fun.

Philly is the 6Th biggest city in the nation, so it was really neat to see some of the sights, and eat some of the native food, we really had such a good time.

On Liberty Square

Landon by the Liberty Bell

In front of Independence Hall


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Phili Here We Come!!!

So Landon and I finally know when we are leaving to Phili for the summer....We are taking off on May 3rd!!! We are really excited to get out there and see the sites and live back will be an experience to remember! And now finally I am going to get really good at posting because i will have things to post about!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can't Wait For Spring

So i thought that I would do a little update on our blog to bring spring a little faster....Landon and I are both so sick of the winter we wish that it would only last for the month of December. The month of February has gone by so so fast! We had a great Valentines Day..we got to go up to Idaho Falls ( I love it when we travel!!! HAHA--yea i wish!) any way and stay in a really nice hotel and have a great dinner. It was really good to be able to spend some quality time with Landon becuase we really never get to see eachother very much. So many things are fast aproaching...Landon and I have decided to work in Phili for the summer, we are going to sell security systems or rather Landon is I don't really know what I am going to do yet, so I guess we will see! We really wanted to go not to try to make tons of money although that would be nice but just to be able to live in a different place for a little bit, it will be fun to be able to live back east in a different culture for a while! So other than that nothing else has really been going on, i don't blog very much becuase like I told Sheena (Landon's sister) Landon and I are so busy to have somthing really worth writing about all the time but its still fun to be able to write from time to time!
This is Landon, just thought I would drop in my two cents. I am in school right now and kinda loving it, I'd much have it done and over with. I spend most of my time at school, work and try to be with my hot wife as much as I can. I wish we had more time in the day to be with one another, other than that life is normal. Just chill'n in P-town.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sorry this is so late....

So this year was me and Landon's first Christmas together... We went to Idaho Falls to be with our families and we had such a good time! It was so nice to see everyone and be able to have a little bit of time off work. It snowed so much while we were there i have not seen it snow like that in Idaho Falls in a long time! We went and played out in it with the dogs for a while and out little dog fitzy got totally buried it was so needless to say she didn't like it very much and wanted to go inside from the beginning....but Summit our bigger dog loved it! We had a very good Christmas and we are very blessed, we got everything we needed wanted and then some! I was so excited for Christmas morning because I am never able to surprise Landon one way or another he finds out(usually because i suck at keeping secrets!) but i fooled him into thinking that he was going to get a video camera when all he would tell me was how much he wanted an X-Box, and of course being the good wife I am (jk!) I got him one and he was so excited! This Christmas was I think extra special for both Landon and I...Preston was able to come home from Seattle for a couple of days. Preston has been living there probably since October, with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jeff just working before he goes on his mission in probably late June or early July. And also Landon's brother Chris got engaged to a great girl that i graduated with named Amber, they are getting marred in March so I will probably post some pictures of their wedding when that comes around! So all in all our first Christmas went great with all the snow and the chance to be around all the people that we love!