Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

So I thought that it might be fun to post some pictures of our house now that it is decorated for Christmas! I think that our little house looks pretty festive if I do say so myself!

Landon and I also got our Christmas present for this year. We got a 42 inch plasma for a really good deal that we could not resist! When we bought it Landon and I looked at each other and said MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! But it is really nice to have a tv again to watch movies on and stuff cause we left our other one in Philly becuase Landon did not want to take it home!

I also thought that it would be fun to post this picture of our dog Summit, he is in dear need of a hair cut but i thought he looked cute with his beard with snow all in it! I was so excited becuase today it snowed for the first time this winter, I only hope it keeps coming! I ususally dont like the snow but I do LOVE it durring the Christmas season! I just dosent feel like Christmas without it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

SO really I suck at blogging....but at least I am making some kind of effort! Well Landon and I have been so busy we barley get to see eachother, I guess both of us working full time jobs and going to school full time doesnt leave much extra time! School is going great for both of us...I am almost done, only one semester left---YAHOOO!! And Landon is just so excited for Christmas Break. So last week was my 21st birthday and can I just say that I have the best husband EVER, he made my birthday so special.....he is the best guy! So on Thanksgiving we go to go to Logan, Utah and spending the day with Landon's family. We had a great time and got to see some people that we had not seen since we had been home from Philly! I really love spending time with Landon's brothers and sister and their spouses, and his parents, we really just have a great time---I wish we could see eachother more! Any way we are really getting excited for Christmas, I love christmas time--just like everyone else! One of the biggest reasons that I love Christmas time is it reminds me of when Landon and I started dating, I really cant believe that was 2 years ago..time really does fly! One thing about this Christmas season that will be really different is that my whole family wont be there, Preston is serving a mission in Arizona. I am so so proud of him he has been out almost 4 months and he was just made a senior companion and a district leader. I really miss him so much, his last letter home he sounded like he was getting so home sick, so I really hope that the holidays are going to go well for him, it will be so so fun to talk to him on Christmas Day. It is amazing how much I can already tell that he has grown up, he just sounds so different in his e-mails, I really cant wait for him to get home. Well he have the the Christmas decorations up and are very excited for the holidays! We hope to see lots of family and friends over the break!