Friday, April 13, 2012

Update in Pictures

We "toasted" on New Years
The boys have grown so much!!
Moved to Logan, and LOVE it!
Had really long hair, that I sadly had to cut
Enjoyed a romantic Valntines Day family dinner!

Went to Aggie games
New hair cuts

Decorated birthday cakes
Played with dad

Stole mom's heart, again
And again!
Went to Vegas for a much needed vacation, so nice of my mom to take the boys!
And played together!!

We are really so blessed, all healthy and loving life right now. We love Logan, and love our new apartment. Landon has decided to go back to school, he will apply to PA school next spring, he has 2 courses he needs to take at Utah State before applying. The boys are keeping me very busy, and I am also training for my first half marathon in June! We are excited for summer, and all the fun that comes with that. I will probably try to just update from now on with quick pictures, thats my favorite way, and it seems to be a lot easier!

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Maegan said...

Cute family Tessa! You look great, by the way! Good luck with your upcoming half marathon! That's awesome!