Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Growing up, a Half Marathon, and Cake

How is it that as a stay at home mom with 2 kids I feel
 like i should and most the time do have a pretty
calm, life and then 3 months fly by and I just feel 
like where has the time gone?!?
Life right now is full of growing boys, ( i wish they 
would stop they are getting too big too fast!!)
Bear Lake cabin time, (most looked forward to summer
spot!!) Snow cones, swimming, running, baking, and 
playing till we are just exhausted by the end of the week.

Hunter is just about potty trained, I love this cute 
big boy underwear bum!!

Harry aka Reed my brother also went back out
into the mission field after having troubles with his back
for 6 months. we are so proud of him for staying focused and going back out.

We have gotten to go to the cabin a few times
already this summer, and Hunter LOVES it there! He 
will just sit on the deck 
and look at the lake, seriously he is his 
dad's son! And of course we had
to stop at Lebeau's to get
a hamburger and shake--LOVE!

Will is getting so big!! He is starting to 
crawl, well you could call it that. Its more of
an inch worm, its so cute!
He is seriously the best baby, he sleeps through
the night and only cries when he is hungry!
I am such a lucky mama!!

Landon and I got to run our first half marathon
on June 9th in Bear Lake. 
It was really fun and we were both happy
with how we did! We did the whole race together
which was so cool. We can't wait for Top of Utah 
in August.

Lately I have discovered that I LOVE to 
bake. I have made some fun cakes for people 
in Landon's family.
Mastered my grandma's awesome rolls, cinnamon rolls,
and pie. I so wish I could do it for
a living but that requires lots and lots of
money and time. 
So for now I will just stick to making my family eat 
all the lovely things that come out of my kitchen.

We are so loving the great weather,and everything
that summertime brings. We are most days
just hoping to make it though the terrible 2's alive
and with most of our hair!! Wish us luck!

P.S. If anyone has any yummy/fun recipes that I 
MUST try out, send them my way?!?

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AB said...

Holy cow you are talented Tessa! You will have to teach me all you know. Good job running a half marathon together. Brett and I need to get back into shape. Can't wait to see you guys over Labor day!